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What to print for wargaming? – Vehicles #5

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In almost every wargaming system sooner or later you will find rules for some kind of vehicles. Be it a tank, a car, a spaceship, or a simple wooden wagon. Today I present you a list of different kind of vehicles, and I hope that each of you will find something suitable for your games. Enjoy your reading!

Tanks, Jeeps and other WWII vehicles

There are many wargaming systems covering that part of our history. They might be in different scales; like 1/100 Flames of War or 28mm scale Bolt of Action. However, as different as those two games may be in case of rules, the period is pretty much the same or almost the same 😉 There are plenty of models available for World War II rule sets available on Thingiverse. Some of them are actually legendary, and well-known to the gamers. Even so, I hope that you can find a new interesting vehicle, which you can use for your games.

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1-100 Modern Tanks and Vehicles by m_bergman –
This is one of the biggest collection of models that I have ever seen on Thingiverse! And they are fully free for non-commercial use and available for commercial use, under some conditions of course.

Opel Blitz 3t truck by FMWP –
TIGER Tank! by PRIma –
Jeep M151 Mutt by rozoom –

Science-Fiction vehicles

Science-Fiction wawrgaming systems are extremely popular. In most cases, having a vehicle in your ‘army list’ is a must, rather than an option. However, even if you do not need anything like a sci-fi tank or buggie, there is still room for using cars as a terrain piece. So let’s have a look what you can print for your army or gaming table.

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MONTARAZ 28mm Scifi ATV by toposolitario –
Necromunda loading vehicles 2v by Dxsus –
1/48 scale wargame buggy model by Forpost_D6 –
Orkz War Buggy by Milhause –

Now something for D&D and Fantasy players

I do know that I probably shouldn’t join those two categories together; however I do feel that models presented here are perfectly suitable for both settings. I see no reasons in splitting the models in two different categories if they can be use interchangeably in different, but similar settings.

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Gnomedozer, Snap-fit Model by dutchmogul –
Gnome Driller Tunneler by onebitpixel –
Pioneer Wagon by Kazzee –
Brougham carriage by rozoom –
Ratmen Roller by VidovicArts –
Simple Airship by PlanescapeBestiary –
D&D Airship – The Valkyrie by Tecwyn –

More modern times… or Zombie Apocalypse !

This is a new category, as I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to put cars, excavators and all other trucks and mustangs just waiting to be printed! All those models can be used for zombie apocalypse or other post-apocalyptic like settings.

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Classic Transport Truck No Support by RezaAulia –
Easy to print Generic Excavator (esc: 1:100 or HO Scale) by guaro3d –
CAT Bulldozer by Hein –
1970s Ford Mustang by Ford –

Something special

It was quite easy to find something really special in todays category. I present you, one and only – Tesla ! 😀

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Tesla Cybertruck 28mm by BREXIT –

Ok, but jokes aside, I managed to find two models that some of you as fans of films and video games will appreciate:
Batman Tumbler Car by 3DWP –
Mass Effect: M35 Mako by mausolfb –


Are you looking for something specific? Let me know!

Let me remind you that if are you looking for something specific or simply need help finding some bits just let me know. I am more than happy to provide you with a list of files suitable for your project. All you need to do is to let me know by writing a comment below! I will make an article around the theme chosen by you 🙂

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