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What to print for wargaming? – Weapons #2


In our first article of the series of ‘What to print for wargaming?’ I covered the topic of horses. You can read it here.

Today, I would like to present you with a list of various types of weapons that you can 3D print for your minis. This might come in handy when you are missing some weapons or simply want some variety and are planning to make some conversions. I did tried to include something for everyone. Starting from so called cold weapons and ending on Sci-Fi firearms. You will find some swords, bows, daggers, war hammers, Sci-Fi power swords, laser guns, plasma pistols and much more.

Please note that in many cases models that were listed under one section ex. ‘Swords, spears, maces […]’ are suitable for most Fantasy, Historical and even Sci-Fi systems. However, I wanted to avoid listing the same link twice. That is why you will find them in different sections of this article, even though they would suit many different settings.

Let’s start with something suitable for D&D

I do realize that in most cases historically accurate weapons are fine for most D&D campaigns. However, spells can also produce magical weapons and this is what you will find in this section today:

28mm Spell Markers by Curufin –
D&D Spiritual Weapons by doesntfearzeus –
Spell Effect – Spiritual Weapon – Scythe by Alonicus –

If you are looking for some swords and other cold weapons (also called white arms), you can find them in the section below.

Source Thingivers/ A flying sword anyone?

Swords, spears, maces… you name it! It’s here.

If you are playing some Fantasy or Historical systems you will find something suitable for you here. Different kind of swords, bows, spears, shields and other kind of white arms can be found among those files.

Fantasy Arsenal (28mm/Heroic scale) by dutchmogul –
Ranged Weapons for 28mm Minis by ClayRade –
Fantasy Swords – Vol 1 by ClayRade –
11011 miniature Swords! by Snorri –
28mm Kama weapon by Codyad –

Any looking for a war hammer?

Fantasy and Steampunk

I have to say that recently I got into steampunk and those flints would fit in that setting perfectly! However, I can also see some Dwarfs from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle ‘Old World’ being equipped with a weapon like that.

28mm Fantasy Arsenal of Muskets Percussion / Flintlock Firearms and Guns by BigMrTong –
More 28mm Fantasy Arsenal of Muskets Percussion / Flintlock Firearms and Guns by BigMrTong –
Squall’s Gunblade Final Fantasy 8 by ryanrybot –

Firearm combined with an axe? Why not!

Sci-Fi weapons

This section will please any Warhammer 40k fans out there. Plenty of options and firearms to choose from to cover all you space forces needs:

Cog-Boy Plasma Thrower by Mkhand_Industries –
Bolt Rifle 1-1 28mm by BREXIT –
Lasgun, snipers, gear –
Fancy Power Sword by jimsbeanz –
Pulse Rifle “Veteran” by the23Flavors –
Sci Fi Turret – AA – AT by JoeSnuffie –
28mm Mech Chainsword (5.4 inches/137mm Long) by johnbearross –
28mm assault rifle by Forpost_D6 –

For some reason that sword is the most appealing for me 😉

Modern and WWII firearms

And finally something for all of you who are into more post-apocalyptic, modern or World War II related systems. I present you a list with AK47, Thompsons SMG and much more:

Scoped AK47 by ChrisM112 –
Handgun History – A 3D Tour by danlovy –
FAMAS Ver.1 by Zeta_Gun –
Gatling Gun in parts by korm –
BREN Light Machine Gun WWII by Milhause –
Thompson SMG (WWII) For GI Joe Figures by kruzal –

Any stalkers in need of an upgrade out there?

Still not satisfied? Let me show you something…

Ok, I do know that you might still be looking for something unusual to what I have just showed you. I managed to find some quite interesting firearms for you:

Duck’s foot gun by Snorri –
Flintlock Grappling Hook by PLAparts –

However, here you will need to spend some time assembling the weapons as they are provided in parts. Which also mean that the files need to be edited and adjusted before printing.

Source Wikipedia and Abdeen Palace Museum/ They look scary enough for me 😛

Few TIPs

If you are still looking for something different for your models, try the Tags cosplay and cosplay_weapon.

There are plenty of really cool weapons available tagged like that. However, they will need to be pre-assembled and prepared for 3D printing, which might need some basic CAD software skills.

Even though you will need to spend some extra time preparing those files, looking at the prints, IMO they are worth the hassle.

Are you looking for something specific? Let me know!

Once again if are you looking for something specific or simply need help finding some bits just let me know. I am more than happy to provide you with a list of files suitable for your project. All you need to do is to let me know by writing a comment below! I will make an article around the theme chosen by you 🙂