Here we present the answers for the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, we will clear everything out for you, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


What’s the difference between A-Case + and A-Case Victory?

The difference lies in its internal frame. A-Case+ is fully steel construction which comes to you in a “flat” form and you are the one to assemble it by yourself. Steel material makes it heavier than Victory model but it’s also more durable to any damage. Victory case contains aluminium frame, powder-painted with steel shelves. It gives you less weight. Difference is also connected with the number of “shelves” slots – A-Case + has eleven of them which makes it easier to you to adjust the space between the shelves. A-Case Victory has tree slots and it’s shelves are not adjustable.

Which case (+ or Victory) is bigger?

Both Cases are the same size.

How long does the shipping takes?

All packages are sent as “prioritaire”. Depending on the target location, the shipping can take up to 4-5 weeks.

Why the shipping is so expensive?

Not anymore! Now the shipping is free – worldwide!

Which countries do you deliver?


Does any discount apply when ordering a larger amount?

Yes. Starting with 8 cases per order, you can ask for a discount.

Why isn’t there any alternative shipping method?

Throughout years of experience, we’ve gathered a lot of knowledge about global shipping methods. The current one is the most convenient and reliable.

Where is the shop located?

In Poland – country of the Witcher 😉

Are you planning any bigger Cases?

Yes, soon we are going to present new models in two different sizes – medium and max!

Can I trust you?

We strongly suggest to contact few thousands of our customers worldwide. Our Cases are everywhere the gamers are – that means sooner or later you will definitely find someone who already owns one and can share his experience about A-Case.

Will I receive my order for sure?

We are very small manufacture and the whole process takes time and sometimes mistakes are made. If it happens, that you are not receiving your parce, please contact us ASAP – info@army-case.com

What’s the size of the magnets included in each set?


Why the tracking number is not working?

Tracking works once the parel is still within Polish territory and then it’s taken over by next provider. In subcontinental shipping the tracking is missing between continents, but once the parcel “lands” on a target continent, the tracking is continued.

How can I check my parcel shipping status?

After the order is completed and the package collected, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking link/number.

Why the Case is not delivered by the next day – Just as with Amazon!?

Unfortunately, despite our global-shipping, we don’t have such big logistic resources as Amazon have and we are working with external shipping provider – Poczta Polska S.A.

My parcel is lost! What now?

It happens very rarely but in case you are not receiving your package after 4-5 weeks, please contact us via email: info@army-case.com. After we receive your submission we contact our shipping partner, sending the complaint which can take up to 3 months for them to refer. That kind of action usually makes them “find” the parcel and ship it to a given address. Under any other circumstances we – of course – refund the order.

I’m super satisfied – how can I communicate that?

Thank you, that’s why we keep doing it, to keep you satisfied with our products. We encourage you to visit our social media (Facebook or Instagram or Twitter)and send us your army pictures inside your A-Case. It doesn’t take much time and means a lot for us – giving us a boost to work even harder!

I’m a distributor / I run stationary shop, do you want to collaborate?

Yes, please contact us for the details – info@army-case.com