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Army-Case Online Store Regulations The store operating at is a platform maintained by:

§1 General provisions

1. This Regulation lays down rules for the use of Army-Case online store, placing orders for products available in the Army-Case online store, delivery of the ordered products to the Customer, payment by the Client as sales, customer rights to cancel the order and cancel the contract and for the submission and consideration of complaint.

2. To view the range of Army-Case online store and place orders for the products you will need:
a) a computer with access to the Internet and web browser type Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera;
b) an active e-mail account (e-mail).

3. The customer is entitled and obliged to use Army-Case online store for its intended purpose.

4. The customer is obliged to refrain from any activity that could affect the proper functioning of Army-Case online store, including, in particular, from any interference with the content of Army-Case online store or technical elements, including the provision of illegal content. It is forbidden to use Army-Case online store for purposes other than its intended use, including, in particular, spamming, running on the websites of Army-Case online store any commercial activities, advertising, promotion, etc.

5. The Company to the fullest extent permitted by law is under no liability for any interference, including interruption in the operation of Army-Case online store due to force majeure, unauthorized acts of third parties or incompatibility of Army-Case online store to Customer’s technical infrastructure.

6. Viewing the range of the Army-Case online store does not require registration. Separate orders by the customer for the products that are available in the range of Army-Case online store does not require registration.

§ 2 Terms of the contract

1. The customer can place orders for products available at Army-Case online store for 7 (seven) days a week and 24 (twenty-four) hours per day. The customer places an order by indicating the product they are interested, the choice on the product Site the “Add to cart” and then confirming their order.

2. In the Shopping Cart, the Customer indicates:
(a) the ordered products and quantity;
(b) the address to which the object of the contract is to be delivered and the necessary data for the invoice;
(c) e-mail address to be sent an order confirmation;
(d) the method of payment;

3. The procedure for the order includes the “ADD TO CART”, “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”. The Customer places an order by selecting the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”. Placing an order is a submission by the Customer to the Company an offer to enter into a contract of sale of products covered by the contract.

4. After placing an order, the Company sends to the given by The Customer e-mail a confirmation of the contract. Confirmation of registration of the contract is a Company’s statement of acceptance of the offer referred to in paragraph 3 above.

5. In the absence of the ability of the completion of Customer’s order, the Company will inform the Customer of it by sending information to the indicated email address in 30 (thirty) days time, counting from the date of conclusion of the contract. The company will reimburse the Customer for the amount paid within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of dispatch of the notice, the principles set out in detail in § 9 below.

6. In the case of the Customer false or inaccurate data, including, in particular, misleading or inaccurate address, the Company is not liable for failure or delay in delivery of the order to the fullest extent permitted by law.

§ 3 Product prices

1. The company publishes information about the products on Army-Case online store site and sells the above products via the Internet.

2. Prices on Army-Case online store placed on the product:
(a) include VAT and are given in PLN;
(b) do not include information about shipping costs.

3. The binding and final price of the product is the price shown in the Shopping Cart at the time of the placing order by the Customer on Army-Case online store.

4. The Company reserves the right to make changes in the prices of products and to carry out and remove all kinds of promotional and sales campaigns. The right referred to in the preceding sentence, does not affect orders placed before the date of introducing changes in the price, promotional or sales campaigns

5. Promotions in the Army-Case online store aren’t subject to a join, provided regulations of the given promotion don’t provide otherwise.

§ 4 Modification of order

The customer can make changes in the order until dispatching the ordered goods by the Company. Changes may include the cancellation of all or part of the items that the order consist of, delivery address changes or changes to the data in the invoice. In case of cancellation of the contract (in whole or in part) refund of the sale price (the relevant part of the selling price) will take place within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the resignation of the Customer by the Company. Reimbursement policies are described in detail in § 9 of this regulation.

§ 5 Methods of payment and the start of the contract

1. Payments can be made:
(a) by PayPal
(b) by a bank transfer
(c) Przelewy24 (P24)
(d) by credit/debit card – Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, American Express,

In case of payment by card/debit card you payment will be processed by Stripe Inc,

2. Dispatch of the consignment will occur following the receipt by Army-Case online store confirmation from payment implementer about valid payment.

3. The client does not have the possibility to pay for their order upon receipt.

§ 6 Delivery

1. Object of the contract is delivered by Poczta Polska (Polish Post) or UPS courier service at the indicated by the Customer address.

2. All orders (both domestic and international) are shipped via the Polish Post Priority Mail (Airmail for overseas locations) or UPS. They are trackable and the tracking number will be provided to a customer after dispatching.

3. The Company is not responsible for the prolonged delivery or lack of delivery to the Customer due to incorrect or incomplete data, including incorrect or incomplete delivery address.

4. The Company is not responsible for any shipping and customs fees, which in turn should be covered by the customer.

Please Note! Once your order is ready, you will receive an e-mail from us with your tracking number but also you will receive e-mail from UPS. The notification goes automatically, so please check your spam folders. It is customer responsibility to track the order and pick it up. If your order returns to us, we will have to charge you with the shipping cost for the return and new shipping to you. In case you disagree you will receive refund of the difference between the amount you originally paid and the costs we had.

§ 7 Terms of complaints

1. A Customer who purchased the product for purposes unrelated to the activities of a trade or profession, has the right to file a complaint within two (2) years from the date of issue of a given product, provided that, within two months from the date on which the said non-compliance of the products delivered to the agreement, notify the Company of the non-compliance.

2. The Company within 14 (fourteen) calendar days will address to the customer complaints and notify them about further proceedings.

3. A prerequisite to the Company to consider the complaint is to receive a photo of product from the Customer or products along with order number and description of the complaint to e-mail adres:

4. When considering the complaint in favor of the Customer – the Company will replace your product or part of your product for a product of standard value.

5. The Customer who purchased the product for purposes relating to the activities of a professional or commercial (non-consumer customer) has the right to file a complaint in accordance with the rules in this part of the law, the liability of the Company under the warranty for product defects is limited to the amount which the Customer has paid us for the purchase of the product.

§ 8 Cancellation of contract and termination of contract

1. The Customer can cancel the order if the products have not been sent by writing an email to:

2. The Customer who is a natural person, who purchased in the Army-Case online store used outside his trade or profession (the consumer) may withdraw from the contract of sale of the product purchased in Army-Case online store without giving a reason within fourteen(14) calendar days since receipt of the completed order, except in particular (according to art. paragraph 10. 3 of the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for dangerous products (consolidated text of 14 September 2012, Coll. U . to 2012, item. 1225) products, of which the state after the receipt by the Customer changed, unless the change was necessary in the ordinary management.

3. Termination of the contract in accordance with paragraph. 2 above statement needs to be sent by e-mail by the deadline specified in paragraph. 2 above. In this case the Customer is obliged to return the company product and its value in accordance with paragraph. 4 of this paragraph within the time frame of the current regulations of the law. The Company will reimburse the Customer within 30 days of the price paid by the Customer of the product minus up to 3% handling fee, in accordance with § 9 of this regulation.

4. A customer who withdrew from the agreement in accordance with paragraph. 2 may return the ordered item in whole or in part after receipt, provided the Polish Post or courier – the date specified in paragraph. 3 above. Then the products which the Customer withdrawn from the contract, should be sent to: Gako – Aleksander Pawiński, ul. Magnacka 34, 60-685 Poznań, Poland.

5. Any cost associated with returning the goods, including any customs fees, is paid by the Customer. The Company does not receive the items referred to it returned for COD and is not responsible for the costs associated with such items.

§ 9 Repayment to Customers

1. The Company will reimburse claims within 30 calendar days for:
(a) cancelling the order or part of the contract (in this case, the relevant part of the price will be refunded) paid in advance of its implementation;
(b) return the product (withdrawal) of the order, which was delivered through the Polish Post or courier service;
(c) the complaint and the inability to repair or replace the defective product with a new one.

2. The Company will keep up to 3% of the refund total for handling fees.

3. The Company will refund the money to:
(a) PayPal – if the order was paid by PayPal.
(b) Customer’s bank account – if the order was paid in advance by bank transfer.
(c) If the payment has been made by card the funds are going to be returned to the account that the owner’s card is connected to.

4. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the company accepts no liability for a refund or delayed refund if the deficiencies pointed to you at the address given by email request to send us the bank account number, Customer will not send us such a bank account number or the answer will not contain data permitting repayment. The Company is not responsible for the lack of a refund or delay repayment if they are the result of the Customer incorrect address information, or incorrectly registered bank account number.

5. If the Customer has made payment for the order of not belonging to him, bank account, credit card or payment or PayPal, refund will be made directly to the holder of a bank account or PayPal, by means of which the payment was made on behalf of the Company in accordance with the described in this paragraph to paragraph. 2 hereof.

§ 10 Personal information

1. The Customer consents to the processing of personal data by the Company given by him in the use of Army-Case online store, including making purchases in Army-Case online store. Providing personal data by the Customer is voluntary, but failure to consent to the processing of personal data by the Company may prevent the provision of services by the Company by electronic means and making the customer purchases in Army-Case online store.

2. Personal data is processed by the Company, ie Gako – Aleksander Pawiński, ul. Magnacka 34, 60-685 Poznań, Poland.

3. Company processes personal information for the purpose of providing electronic services, concluding with the client and execute contracts for the sale of products ordered by the customer in Army-Case online store, and if requested by the Client consent referred to in § 11 of the Rules, including for marketing purposes, in particular in order to transmit commercial information to the Customer electronically.

4. The Customer declares that the information provided by them is Customer’s personal data.

5. Army-Case is using the personal data provided solely for the purpose of order processing and shipping of
goods. Your personal information is not going to be provided or sold to any third parties.

6. The exception to the previous is Poczta Polska S.A . and United Parcel Service with which your personal information will be shared for the purpose of shipping of goods .

7. The Customer has the right to modify or delete his personal data at any time by contacting our support:

§ 11 Newsletter

1. The Customer may consent to receive commercial information, including commercial information by e-mail by subscribing to a Newsletter via the appropriate option on the home page of Army-Case online store. When giving such consent, the Customer will receive on the specified by them e-mail address a newsletter (Newsletter) of Army-Case online store.
2. The Customer may at any time unsubscribe newsletter by sending a request at

§ 12 Final Provisions

1. Product information contained on the pages of the Army-Case online store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

2. The Company makes every effort to ensure that the services provided by Army-Case online store are top notch, but the Company does not exclude the possibility of temporarily suspending the availability of Army-Case online store when in need for maintenance, servicing, replacement equipment, or in connection with the need to upgrade or to develop the Army-Case online store.

3. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Company cannot be responsible for blocking the mail server administrators send messages to the e-mail address specified by the customer and for the removal and blocking e-mails by the software installed on the computer used by the customer.

4. The differences between the visualization of the product resulting from the customer individual computer settings (colour, aspect ratio, etc.) and the actual appearance of the product may not be the basis for the complaint. The Customer referred to in § 8. 2 of this Regulation, shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the provisions of § 8 of the Regulation.

5. In matters not covered by this Regulation shall be governed by Polish law, in particular the Civil Code and the Act on the specific conditions of consumer sale and amending the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, 2002. item 1176) and the Law on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products (Journal of Laws of 2000 No. 22, item. 271).

6. All product names posted on Army-Case online store are used for identification purposes only and may be protected and registered under the provisions of the Industrial Property Law (Journal of Laws No. 119, 2003. item 1117).

7. The Customer accepting this Regulation agrees to collect and share the statistics of their presence and activities in Army-Case online store. The data is collected automatically and can be used to analyse Customer activity.

8. The statistical purposes and in order to ensure the highest quality of service, Army-Case online store uses the information stored by the server on the Customer’s computer, which then are read each time they connect to a web browser (ie cookies). The Customer may at any time change their browser settings not to accept such files or inform about the transfer. Note, however, that not accepting cookies, may create difficulties in the use of Army-Case online store.

9. Any disputes arising between the Customer a non-consumer within the meaning of the Civil Code and the Company shall be settled by the court competent for the registered office of the Company.

10. The Company reserves the right to change the Regulation. Amendment to the Regulations shall take effect on the date specified by the Company, not less than seven days from the date of release on Army-Case online store revised Regulation. Orders placed by customers prior to the entry into force of amendments to the Rules shall be implemented according to the existing rules of the Regulation.