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What to print for wargaming? – Game and diorama accessories #4


Our series of what to print for wargaming is slowly growing. You can have a look at previous parts, where I covered the topics of bases, weapons and horses. Today I want to talk about different accessories, that you might want to use in your games. Curious what is it all about this time? Read on.

Where there is war, there are casualties

Sad but true. Where there is war, there are casualties. I do realize that in most wargames there are no rules for casualties. After all when one of your soldiers is killed, you just take the model off the table. However, I do believe that miniatures representing casualties can be used as casualty or wound markers and to add a bit of realism to your games. Sometimes, they can also be used as unit ‘gap fillers’, when you are missing a figure of two and do not really want to buy another box just for 1 or 2 miniatures. Plus, if you are a diorama maker, they will definitely come in handy.

28mm Dead Male Villagers by Curufin –
Dead Bandits/Rangers D&D Casualty markers (With and without bases) by BinaryLegend –
Giant Attack Casualties by Valandar –
28mm Scifi Casualty by WardF –
Battlefield Casualty – Horse + Cart by gametree3dprintscenics –

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Every now and then you probably miss having few figures of civilians on your gaming table. Be it a waitress, innkeeper or just people walking down the street. Also, during some games your objective is to escort someone or to release some prisoners, and then all those civilian figures can be useful.
I hope that you will be able to find something for your needs:

Commoner (Dockworker) for 28mm Tabletop Roleplaying by AJade –
Lumberjack and his Wife Miniatures by Ilhadiel –
Hospital Staff Miniatures 25/28mm by BigMrTong –
Villagers – Smithy by Quinian –

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One day I will print them all (Hospital Staff) and make one huge horror inspired game in a haunter asylum…


Let’s admit it openly. At some point all of us, gamers, have a need to paint and use monsters in one of our games. In most cases, the bigger the better! D&D and all other so called paper RPG players, I have some good monster propositions for you

Ghoul by Manuel_Boria –
Monster Mondays #9: Ambush Maw (28mm/32mm scale) by dutchmogul –
Cockatrice – Tabletop Miniature by M3DM –
Bulette – D&D Miniature by Yasashii –

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When I look at that Cockatrice I want to make a ‘The Witcher’ inspired diorama 😀

Objective Markers

In almost every wargaming system there is an option or a scenario where you need to place some objective markers on the board. Those markers can be represented by almost anything, however how much nicer it looks when you use dedicated objective markers? Have a look at what I have found.

Water Resupply Point Objective Markers by TZRock –
Industrial Dome Objective Marker (Epic 40K – 6mm scale) by fractalnoise –
Tea Light Objective Marker by thatguyj1f –
Biostructure Wargaming Objectives by Techmek –

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love those Alien markers!


In case of objective markers of wound/casualty markers it is a good idea to do them from scratch instead of looking for ready-made products. By combining few different objects – like barrels, weapons, ammo crates etc. you can make a simple but good looking objective marker. You can print each piece of the puzzle separately and then arrange it as you see fit. Markers made in such way give you must more satisfaction, than ready-made 3D printable designs.

It might be a good idea to look for markers in the board games section. A lot of files marked as ‘for board games’ can be easily adapted for wargaming needs.

Are you looking for something specific? Let me know!

Let me remind you that if are you looking for something specific or simply need help finding some bits just let me know. I am more than happy to provide you with a list of files suitable for your project. All you need to do is to let me know by writing a comment below! I will make an article around the theme chosen by you 🙂