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What to print for wargaming? #1 Horses

what to print for wargaming

Last time I tried to answer the question how 3D printing is changing our hobby – you can
read about it here.

Today, I will give you an example how you can use your 3D printer if you are missing a horse, or two… 😉

I recently bought a box of some cavalry for my Easterling army for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game. After assembling all my raiders I was left with some bits and pieces that could be used for conversions. I quickly figured out that I have enough bits in my hobby box (with pieces from other projects) to make some extra raiders. Unfortunately I have no horses to spare for my newly planned raiders.

Personally I do not own a 3D printer, but a lot of my friends have one and they offered to help me out. So if you own a 3D printer or have access to one, lack of any models or parts is not going to be an issue at all!

I present you with a list of selected freely available horse models that you can print and use for your wargaming projects!

What does a horse looks like…

As I was looking for some realistic horse miniatures, I will start with ‘normal’ looking horse models. They would probably be best for most Historical and Fantasy wargaming systems out there:
Knight Cavalry Miniatures Customizable by Ilhadiel –
Sisterhood Cavalry Miniatures by Ilhadiel –
Horses at ease 28mm heroic scale by BREXIT –
Hussars_Horse/pistoliers_horse by Evil_frog –

print for wargaming
Did someone mentioned historical wargaming?

What about some more Fantasy

German_empire_armored_horse by Evil_frog –
dragon prince steed – high elf – tm by jimjimjimmyjim –
Armoured horse – Alliance pvp mount, resized and smoothed by ahriman01 –
silver helm steed – high elf – tm by jimjimjimmyjim –

A ny Empire players out there?

Grimdark and WH40k

Grim Dark Horse by BREXIT –
War Horse – Action Pose – Tabletop Miniature by M3DM –

what to
Source Thingiverse, by M3DM/ What a magnificent beast!

What about D&D fans?

If you are planning to include some actions for raiders during your next D&D campaign, you might find those horses very useful. No conversions needed. Just put your not-mounted models on their horses and you are ready to go!

Horse Mount for D&D Miniatures by Talismancer –
D&D – Horse mini by 3DPModder –
Horse for D&D figures by JimmerJammer –
Armored Horse Mount with Lower Saddle for 28mm Miniature by JayHardball –

Source Thingiverse/ Everyone will find something for themselves

I want to make my cavalry models special

What if you have enough of casually looking horses and are not looking for any Fantasy, Historical or Sci-Fi horses? No worries, I found something that suits your needs:

Shark horse by nolive27 –
Banana Knight – Mounted Horse Bananas by BigMrTong –

Source Pinterest/ Special enough? 😛

Are you looking for something specific? Let me know!

Are you looking for some specific bits or models? Need some upgrades for your miniatures and vehicles? Want to print yourself a new hero for your current army? Let me know! I will make an article around your theme and do my best to find something really special