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Portable Painting Station

990.00 PLN

The Portable Painting Station is a set of extensions for the A-Case Victory 2.0, transforming this compact miniature carrying case into a mobile hobby workshop.

If you need magnets inside, check the options below. Dimensions – 5x2mm

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Apart from the fully equipped Victory 2.0 case, the set comes with:

  • Two detachable LED top lights with appropriate click-in mounts.
  • Two detachable LED front lights with magnetized mounts.
  • Photographic background with detachable, magnetic mounts.
  • Photographic background exterior Velcro based holder.
  • Magnetic water cup.
  • Magnetic Accessory/Paints transportation box.
  • Shelf-to-Tray extension.


“The Portable Painting Station expands the already vast range of A-Case functionality into a completely new territory, maintaining the theme of magnetized accessory compatibility along the way. It is a well thought through, user friendly and easy to transport hobby gadget – perfectly suited for anyone who’d like to take their hobby away from home.” Scarhandpainting

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black, black-blue, black-grey, black/dark olive