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Hordes carry case

The main reason to use Hordes case is to keep your miniatures together, safe, clean and always ready to use. The minis are meant to take part in wargames, be collected by their completists or traded on the market. The games became quite advanced and require a lot of preparation, dedication, strategic planning and focus because the armies can easily lose the battle what will result in place dropping in the ranks.

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All over the world, a lot of battle events are being performed in order to make a excellent show and gather together the best players or fans. Moreover, there are a lot of wargames available to expand your interest in the wargames. The largest producer of the games is a brand called Games Workshop that has headquarters in the United Kingdom. Moreover, it is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The products happened to become not just minis, but they turned into a movement that gathers around people who are passionate about the games, the ambience and the good vibes of the enthusiasts sharing the same hobbies. This kind of fun has become popular not only in England, but it has also been spread around the world. Year by year, the number of Hordes’s enthusiasts steadily increase. There are a few rules that you have to get to know before your first battle. Obviously, each miniature figure has its abilities and limits in actions when performing on a war. Every enthusiast is allowed to own as many miniatures as they wish to. The item itself and shipping price of each item may vary depending on the shipping destination and store. Be aware that the models are hand-painted and people, who manage it, put a lot of hard work and effort to make them look precise. Therefore, the miniature figures are entitled to be carried and transported in a unique way.

Hordes carry case

What is a miniature carry case?

It is a especially designed Hordes bag that has been created to meet the needs of every miniatures’ owner. The more time they have been amazed by the wargames, the more miniatures they probably own. By having a larger amount of minis, enthusiasts face many difficulties concerning ways of transportation and carrying all the models. Therefore, plenty of the producing companies came up with a plan of creating a special case that would solve the problem. A Hordes carry case should meet specific criteria concerning the safety of the items. Most of them are equipped with foam trays that protect the miniature figures from damages and scratches. The dimensions of the bag should be tailored into the figure’s inches. The foam trays ought to be shaped in a way to prevent the models from moving or sliding. At first sight, all the cases might seem similar if not the same to a new completist, although with time, the differences should be quite visible. Case producers offer a wide range of cases. Everyone is able to find one which will meet their requirements. In spite of that, you must be aware of price and shipping differences, depending on the provider and the distance of shipment.

Why to choose A-case? U will not find any foam trays inside!

We have had many years of experience in designing this kind of Hordes bag. Each of them is different and fits different needs, depending on the goal that clients want to achieve. The carry cases are elegant, but the biggest feature is a magnetic system that makes your miniatures stay in one place. Due to that, we minimise the risk of unpredictable moving or sliding. With our miniature carrying Hordes bag, it is easy to transport and store your minis. Even more, due to the magnetic system, you can place your figures upside down regarding the metal tray. Thanks to this feature you are able to fit even more products in one bag. Our A-series consists of 3 types of miniature cases. Two of them are able to carry up to 360 miniatures and the third one has a capacity of 240. They are called “A-Case Plus”, “A-Case Hermes 2.0”, and “A-Case Victory”. Our online store also offers complementary products, such as magnet pack, brushes and tools roll bag, and IKEA detolf additional shelves.

Hordes carry case thick tray battle foam bag dimensions foam trays hordes bag

All our Hordes bags are made from solid materials that will serve your needs throughout the years. The high quality cases for Hordes miniatures (and not only) are proven by the positive reviews that we have received from our clients so far. Additionally, you are free to personalize and choose the color of your miniatures carry case., however, the steel frame and the trays always come in black. We offer free worldwide shipping for an item.

When to use an A-case?

You can use an A-Case Hordes bag regardless the weather conditions. They are waterproof, so you can carry your miniatures even during rainy time. Besides, it is allowed to travel with them when flying and they can be classified as luggage by airport staff. The case frames are solid and stable, so they are adjusted to successfully be transported in a car. The design of the carry cases makes it feel convenient to carry them. In case you need some additional trays, you can find them in our store.

Our mission is to make your experience with A-Case possibly the best. We highly encourage you to count on our innovative solutions and believe in our experience in the miniature case creation. Choose your perfect Hordes bag!

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