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What to print for wargaming? – Paint Rack, Paint Holder, Paint Organizer


Wargaming as a hobby is not only about figures and playing games with them. It is much more than just that, and an important part of our hobby is miniature painting. In order to paint you need paints, brushes and a place to store them. This is what I am going to look at today – what can I 3D print to organize my collection of paints and make my life a bit easier. 

Paint Holders for dropper bottles – Vallejo, Reaper, Army Painter etc.

There are plenty of different paint manufacturers out there, but somehow in our wargaming business most of them are using dropper bottles. They seem to be the most users friendly and a lot of use like them so much that we are transferring paint from Citadel paint pots to those dropper bottles. It comes to no surprise, that I was able to find some nice options of paint racks for those bottles. Let’s have a look:

2 1
Source Thingiverse, by jpod/fetchbeer 

Miniature Paint Station by jpod  –
Modular Hobby Paint Rack – Large Straight by gsargent –
I strongly recommend to read the description here, as there are links to other variations available for this hobby paint rack.
The Perfect Paint Rack by conorokane –
Overly complicated folding 25mm model paint rack by fetchbeer –

3 1
Source Thingiverse, by Groosome/ShadyRabbit

Not all of us like the dropper bottles and prefer something different, like the Citadel pots. Here the options can be quite limited at times, but I managed to find some interesting designs for you:

Paint Holder V2 stackable Made by Groosome –
Paint Station by Longtoke –
Games Workshop paint holder for peg board by ShadyRabbit –
Citadel Paint holder x10 by hacxx101 –

Paint Racks for both dropper bottles and GW pots

A lot of us are using different brands of paint and this usually means different kind of paint containers. What do to when you have paints in both – dropper bottles and Citadel pots? No worries, you are not alone and there are some options out there:

4 1
Source Thingiverse, by Oysterboy/Kalrath

Paint Station – Citadel & Vallejo by Oysterboy –
Modular Citadel/Vallejo Paint Rack by Kalrath –

What if I am using craft paints and other brands?

Vallejo, Citadel, Army Painter, Reaper and the list goes on… What if you are using craft paints or calligraphy and drawing inks? Maybe you prefer tubes? Luckily you are not alone. There are plenty of different solutions available:

5 1
Source Thingiverse, by Avocadocommander/marmotjr

Model Paint Rack by marmotjr –
Paint Holder by Avocadocommander –
paint holder by attenb –
Filament Spool Paint Holder by Limolwali –

Special – portable and interesting modular design

It might seem that I would be hard to find something special in this type of rather functional design space. However, I found few interestingly looking designs and solutions. It I easy to forget that in some cases, simplicity is the key to a nice and functional design 😉

Portable paint Station Part B (Paint Holder) by BHJ33 –
Model-Paint Organizer by TJMast –
U1JO – Modular Paint Station by alienboyxp –

Are you looking for something specific? Let me know!

Let me remind you that if are you looking for something specific or simply need help finding some bits just let me know. I am more than happy to provide you with a list of files suitable for your project. All you need to do is to let me know by writing a comment below! I will make an article around the theme chosen by you 🙂

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