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Pocket version of A-Case anyone?


Being a part of the https://shop.army-case.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/brush-case-1.jpg Crew is an awesome experience, however every now and then
you are being tested. Yeap, tested! I do not mean any kind of medical tests, but new ideas
are being tested on you and your miniatures. Curious what is it all about this time? Read on!

The not so strange package…

One beautiful morning I received a package. It was a normal package. Nothing unusual about
it. Not even a strange sign on the envelope front or back. Just another day in the office.

Package like package, everyone knows, everyone saw one in their lives.

Instructions, instructions, instructions

Pretty straightforward I would say

Ok, so let’s have a look at the instructions and what I have to do today to make it work. Do
open it. Do put it in the microwave. Add black paint. Don’t look at me like that! I am just
testing it… Ask the designer why I need black paint 😛

I never liked pans anyway…

How to be a hobbyist without black paint

Ok, I am a hobbyist without black paint! No idea how it happened, but let’s mix some black
paint out of primary colors. At least some black-ish color 😉

My blackest black of all my blacks

Ideally you need just three colors: yellow, cyan and magenta. However, I got only yellow, red
and blue. This is the blackest black that I could get…

Black paint is there. Trust me I am an engineer! 😛

What’s next?

I am as curious as you are, as I never did that before. But getting a pocket version of an ACase magnetic transport system case sound perfect! Worth to give it a shot.

When the first step, according to the instructions, is ready I will have a look at the second
part of this https://shop.army-case.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/brush-case-1.jpg. What we got here – add warm water, use a hot saucepan, do not drop it,
let it cool… Am I in a next masterchef or what? 😀

And done!

This is our result!

Here you can find the final result ;). Not as pocket as I thought, but I still love it!
Who wants to get one of those unsuspicious packages and give it a try?