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Compact multilevel miniatures case for transportation. Made from lightweight premium materials, with steel shelves that allow you to stick magnetic bases to it. Perfect for all type of miniatures. Store up to 360 miniatures.

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A-Case carrying bags come in a variety of colors. Choose your preferred color in the box below:



Additional options

A-Case+ comes with three shelves and unassembled by the default. If you need more shelves inside or would like us to assemble it for you, check the options below.


If you need magnets inside, check the options below. Dimensions – 6x2mm


Compact multilevel miniatures case for transportation. Made from lightweight premium materials, with steel shelves that allow you to stick magnetic bases to it. Perfect for all type of miniatures. Store up to 360 miniatures (20mm base).

Included in A-Case+ set:

  • Lightweight and durable steel frame
  • 3 x steel shelves
  • 6 x lock-in pins
  • High-Quality Polyester Bag in chosen colour with Velcro strap for the patches
  • Accessory pocket
  • 50 x powerful neodymium magnets (6×2 mm)

External Dimensions:

  • height: 25,4cm / 10″
  • width: 27,5cm / 11″
  • depth: 14,8cm / 6″

This product comes unassembled. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION VIDEO



Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 28 × 15 cm

black, black-green, black-grey, black-olive, black-orange, black-red, black-violet, black-yellow


High Quality Polyester


Lightweight and durable steel frame


Store up to 360 miniatures (20mm base)


50 x powerful neodymium magnets (6×2 mm), Accessory pocket, Adjustable handling Strap, Velcro strap for the patches

4 reviews for A-Case +

  1. Kyle Calip (verified owner)

    Normally I don’t write reviews for products, but considering this case arrived at my house *four days after ordering* all the way from Poland to California, I’m simply blown away.

    – Lightweight
    – Works well with magnets (and comes with magnets)
    – No shipping fees (Considering this is international, this is a big deal)
    – Fairly stylish and comes with a handy pocket (Wide enough to hold a standard Warhammer battletome, but not much else – and cannot close said pocket.)
    – Trays are secure (I can comfortably walk and shake the box around just as displayed in the video with little to no movement, and models don’t seem to mind at all.)
    – Sturdy (I pushed down on it with a fair bit of force, no structural integrity issues such as shifting, bending, or the like. Although, I woudln’t necessarily put things ontop of it like you might a citadel case, but definitely more sturdy than say a crystal fortress)

    – Small (Though, it tells you the dimensions. The fault here is really my own. However, keep in mind that you see the dimensions of the box – the trays themselves will eat up a row, so in terms of actual storage space, you really only have ~8″/20cm of height with only one tray, and as you add trays you lose more height space. This is not an issue for most armies, but in my particular case I really needed something taller, so I might need to buy a bigger one. Not really a con, but as a buyer you should keep this in mind.)
    – Scrape-y trays. (This is the only REAL CON I have with the product so far. The trays are not friendly to t he ears, nor the trays when it comes to taking them out. These will scrape/scratch the trays if you’re not careful – try not to be taking these out with any regularity as you might with other tray style cases. Workaround is simply picking up the models.)

    TLDR: Great for medium sized armies or for storage of decently large models. Will not carry your large centerpiece models (as it is too shallow and too short). Pricing is decent for what you get, but plan ahead: “How many models do I have, how much space do I need?” You may find that you’re better off getting the next size up for a little more money, but this is still a pretty solid choice. Probably would give a 4.5/5, but I’m giving them a 5 for delivery speed. (This was ordered 3/29/2020 and arrived 4/2/2020, so props to them for getting what needs to be done during Corna time.

  2. Boris Mihajlovic (verified owner)

    Really happy with this product. I had always an issue with foam trays. There wasnt a time when something didnt break inside them. NOT the case with this one.
    Super fast delivery and very high quality materials. It is a little bit scrapy (not powder coated) but honestly isnt that big of an issue.
    Fits medium sized army or skirmish force nicely.
    Awesome product and excelent support
    5/5 Highly Recommended

  3. Jorge Poderoso (verified owner)

    Fast deliver, excelent materials, perfect for skirmish games.

    I have to give a 5/5 rate.

  4. Santiago Hors-Fraile (verified owner)

    I was one of the backers when this product was launched a few years ago on Kickstarter. Until now, my minis have been safely stored in this ingenious magnetic case.

    Recently, I purchased another of these ‘old’ models as I was completely satisfied with the previous ones. If you’re reading this because you are not sure if you should buy this version or any of the more expensive ones… I cannot help you as I don’t have any other version. Yet, I can assure even this cheaper alternative meets all the needs you may have. It is functional, practical, and affordable 🙂

    I don’t see any cons to this product really. Perhaps being a tad more lightweight would be great, but I don’t think the weight of this product is bad for its purpose at all.

    The delivery (to Spain) was really fast (about 2 days), and the communication with the company superb.


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