A-Case Victory

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Compact, multilevel case easy to transport and expand in the future. It comes with 3 shelves and allows you to carry up to 360 miniatures.

Multiple color options for a cover bag (always with black frame)

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A-Case carrying bags come in a variety of colors. Choose your preferred color in the box below:



If you need magnets inside, check the options below. Dimensions – 6x2mm


Compact miniatures case for transportation. Made from lightweight premium materials, with steel shelves that allow you to stick magnetic bases to it. Perfect for all types of miniatures. Store up to 360 miniatures (20mm base).

Included in A-Case Victory set:

  • Lightweight and durable powder coated aluminium black frame
  • 3 x Powder Coated iron black shelves
  • 6 x lock-in pins
  • High-Quality Polyester Bag in chosen color with Velcro strap for the patches
  • Carrying strap
  • Accessory pocket
  • 50 x powerful neodymium magnets (6×2 mm)

This product comes unassembled. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION VIDEO


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 28 × 15 cm

black, black-green, black-grey, black-olive, black-orange, black-red, black-violet, black-yellow


High Quality Polyester


Lightweight and durable powder coated aluminium frame


Store up to 360 miniatures (20mm base)


60 x powerful neodym magnets (6×2 mm), Accessory pocket, Adjustable handling Strap, Velcro strap for the patches

5 reviews for A-Case Victory

  1. Carsten Müller

    Miniaturen von A nach B zu transportieren ohne Schaden zu nehmen ist so eine Sache.
    – mit einem Schuhkarton -> möglich aber unwahrscheinlich
    – Schaumstoffeinlagen -> besser, aber es kommt doch schon einmal was vor (gerade ganz gerne Farbabplatzer)

    Magnetisieren aber sollte die Miniaturen fest halten sodass nichts verrutscht und kein Kontakt hergestellt wird. Dann kann auch nichts passieren!

    Wenn man sich nichts basteln möchtet bietet A-Case hier eine gute Möglichkeit eine fertige Tasche zu bekommen die Locker stauraum für so manchen Skirmisher bietet und nur zusammengesteckt werden muss. Magnet unters Base der Mini – fertig!

    Die Tasche selbst gefällt mir gut, aber gerade der Support war klasse.
    Ich hatte leider das Pech, dass bei der ersten Lieferung eine Wand leicht verzogen war und der Rahmen sich nicht zusammenstecken ließ. Nach einer kurzen Mail wurde mir sofort ein neuer Rahmen zugeschickt! Der Service ist klasse.

    A-Case ist eine Tasche aus dem Premium Preissegment, die hält was Sie verspricht.
    Qualitativ kann ich die Tasche empfehlen, aber am Ende muss jeder für sich entscheiden wie viel er für den Schutz seiner Miniaturen ausgibt.

  2. Tyler Kolodzik

    Just got my “feldmaster” 😉 case today. Wish the victory would have been a bigger, I don’t see fitting 360 28mm base’s in this case. Obviously no wear or tear yet. Fabric seems solid. The frame was easy to put together. The fit wasn’t exactly as tight as the one from the instructional video, but worked like it was suppose to.

    I literally just looked down while typing this and noticed the issue with the zipper already. On one of the edges the zipper is already starting to spread apart after you zip it. Not to happy with that. Expect that after long use but not 10 minutes into putting it together. Pretty much puts my 100+ dollars to waste if the zipper has already failed.

    two minor gripes is the velcro and the shelves. I honestly don’t plan on using it but out of just pure OCD i’d like to have seen the velcro for the front going from right to left instead of up and down. As for the shelves they don’t seem to be as snug as i’d like them, as i hear them shifting around if i move the case side to side. That sound could get pretty annoying pretty quick. 🙂

    I’m tempted to rate it a little lower seeing how the cost is now for non backers. Don’t get me wrong it is a good thought out case….just think the quality could be better, but maybe i just got that “one” case.

  3. Mark R. (verified owner)

    Super happy with the product. Very well put together and the quality is top notch. I am using mine for transporting Infinity models and it does the job admirably. Highly recommend the Victory case.

  4. Sprue Whisperer

    Recently Feldmaster created and successfully completed an Indiegogo Campaign to fund the creation of the Army-Case or A-Case, and I was lucky to get in on this and get my hands on a Victory Case.
    Often I am interested in how an item rates, so below is my review of the Victory Case.
    What you get:
    Lightweight and durable powder coated aluminium black frame
    3 x Powder Coated iron black shelves
    High Quality Polyester Bag in chosen color with Velcro strap for the patches
    Accessory pocket
    60 x powerful neodym magnets (6×2 mm)

    The case is lightweight, easy to assemble, metallic with magnetic mounting for your miniatures.
    Lightweight – Even though the case is mainly metal, due to the cut out framing, it is surprisingly light.
    Material – The Victory case is a multi-shelf system made of solid powder coated metal. I believe Americans might want to equate this to Kynar PVDF coating, but truthfully powder coating is a far more impact resistant than Kynar, depending on the process. Powder Coating has been used for over 20 years in Europe and AsiaPacific, so you can trust this item is very solid. The Polyester bag is a good fit and appears to be of comparable manufacture. It has slight amount of padding which is good at reducing shock impact to the miniatures being carried inside. The handle is double x-stitched, so it should not fall apart very easily. The shoulder strap serves its purpose, I wouldn’t recommend carrying the case all day, over the shoulder, mainly because it will be uncomfortable for your shoulder after a few hours.
    There is a velcro, hook and loop band on the front, so you have the ability to attach a patch/label to designate/individualize your case.
    Remember folks, all things fail and/or fall-apart if you don’t look after it. This case is no different. I wouldn’t recommend driving the SUV over it or throwing out a 4th story office window.
    Assembly – The case is pretty ingenious in its assembly. The tolerance fit means there is no need for screws, glues are other fixatives. It all locks together snuggly, sides first, then top and bottom. Once assembled, just pop into the supplied carry bag and it becomes a solid and compact case.
    Pretty ingenious hey ??

    A few of you may be asking, where’s the foam? Well as mentioned, this system is magnetized and doesn’t use foam. You simply attach magnets to the base of you miniatures, and guess what? Army-case.com supplies 60 magnets with your purchase. All you need is either a hot glue gun and/or a lot of superglue to stick the magnets underneath the base of your miniatures. Et Voila. They’ll magnetize to the metal shelves. The magnets are the strong rare-earth type, so they hold very well. I will say, if you drop the case from around 1 meter or 3+ foot onto a hard surface, like a concrete floor, the magnets probably won’t hold under the force of the impact. But I haven’t checked, as I mentioned before, take care of your equipment.
    If you swap to a magnetized solution, you will no longer snap that bayonet or Dark Eldar/Chaos spike or Tyranid claw that gets snagged in your foam today. Bellisarius Craw is no longer such a pain in the backside to transport. Just attach two magnets to his base, snap to the shelf and off you go. No more agonizing over the flimsy servo skulls, worrying about the trailing mechadendrites, or losing sleep over the mechanical crab protruding from the front. On that note, Celestine or Knight Venator or Celestant Prime miniature with their flimsy and spikey wings become less of a problem to transport, because your only concern becomes whether they have enough space on your shelf and clearance to the frame.
    There is a pocket on the side where you can insert your small form-factor rule book (I believe A5 format), maybe a 7inch tablet would fit in there too.
    Great looking, lightweight, easy to assemble, simple to use. So what’s the catch?

    We’ll simply put, this is great for rank and file (Kings of War, 9th Ed., Saga,etc.) or skirmish (Malifaux, Infinity, etc.) style games where there are typically 5-20 miniatures. Rank and file games where multiple blocks of similar miniatures on 25mm or smaller bases also works well. GW/ForgeWorld style Vehicle, Monstrous Creatures and/or large scenic base characters just aren’t ideal for this type of case.
    The Victory Army-Case is designed to fit up to 360 x 20mm based miniatures. So when you equate that out to 32mm GW bases, I find you have room for 96 foot slogging miniatures. So this is still a great solution for a foot-slogger army. 40mm GW Terminator bases and bike pill/oval style GW bases will also work, however the density of models will be lower. Note: Your Characters, focal models or any miniature that is a little larger, taller, or has a back banner, vexilla and/or carry a weapon in an outstretched hand, well they might just not fit into the fixed standard shelf spacing. You will have to remove a shelf or two to fit this style of miniature, and your overall number/density of transportable model count will reduce by around 32 x 32mm bases miniatures per shelf you remove. Vehicles and Knight Titans are pretty much not able to be transported. Army-case.com has a Hermes case in which vehicle miniatures maybe more suited, unfortunately I didn’t get my hands on one of those. But Knight Titan, Kharybdis Assault Claw, Carnifex, Flying Hive Tyrant, the humble Drop Pod and GW BloodThirster, Magnus, Celestant Prime sized miniatures will probably need a different solution. Additionally, due to the magnetized nature of the case, you may be required to base your vehicles or larger miniatures and use some stronger magnets than those supplied, either that or a bucket-load of the supplied magnets.
    Though the bags are padded, and metal is still fairly thin and due to their construction they can be bent out of shape, easily, if sat upon or crushed. Again take care of your equipment and this shouldn’t be a problem.
    Given there is no glue, screws, rivets, etc. involved in the assembly, the shelves tend rattle around in the case. This can get annoying if you’re driving an hour or so to your FLGS. The original cases shipped as part of the Indiegogo campaign came with extra pieces, like half trays and magnetized tray liners. The general release doesn’t ship with these with these. Is this a problem? Well, actually it’s not a problem, more a nice to have.
    The magnetized tray liners add an amount of rigidity to the shelves. They magnetize the shelves to the frame, so they don’t rattle about as much. Also they enable the use of the half-shelves.
    The half shelves are not a mandatory item, but they do make set up really quick and easy. Say you have a block 10man squad, if you store it on a half shelf, you can just simply slide that shelf out and start using the miniatures. With rank and file style games, this could act as your movement tray. Pretty useful, if you think outside of it serving purely as a storage solution.
    Given these items are not included with the cases, you can purchase these items separately if you email info@army-case.com.

    The Victory case is comparable to some higher cost solutions at $USD129.00, not including shipping.
    KR Multicase continues to be the most effective solution, followed distantly by Battlefoam (TIP: buy Battlefoam with Convention discounts or on Black Friday)
    TableWar Display Full-Tower is the industry leader in build quality and cost. Those cases are really the pinnacle of what is possible.

    The Army-Case.com Victory case is most comparable to the TableWar Display Half-Tower case. The Victory case is capable of a few more miniatures, as it has one more shelf to possibly utilize. So you’ll have to trade-off build quality and cost versus higher capacity for that comparison.

    These points aside, the Army-case.com Victory Case is very versatile, lightweight, smart looking, easy to assemble and good to use. I would recommend this for smaller skirmish type games, GW Kill Teams and/or FW Zone Mortalis set-ups. Larger types of wargaming may not be as suited to this style of case.
    I would recommend getting yourself a hot-glue gun, too. A 6 inch glue stick glued 192 x 32mm based miniatures in about two hours. Done, dusted and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
    I recommend this storage solution and would give the Victory Case a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

  5. Morgan Kemp (verified owner)

    The build quality of the item is rather inadequate for the price; the metal isn’t durable and relies on its weight and interlocking angles to maintain its shape. The bases, however, are very nice and sturdy, arguably the most solid feeling piece of the case. The bag is okay at best with a rather cheap feel and harsh material that feels rough on your skin, the zip is okay, but i feel like after a year or two of gaming it will break. The front pouches are rather pointless unless you want to carry dice, stencils or data cards, its too small to hold a shelf that comes with the unit or a codex. The reason i bring the shelf holding aspect up is that in this case, you will struggle to use all three shelves with anything taller than a terminator as you will have to take out a tray to compensate for the height of the mini.

    The postage was tremendous and arrived much earlier than i predicted, well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

    In summary, the case is okay, it’s still the best magnetic case out there and isn’t too bad but suffers from some flaws, such as structural integrity and some material’s being cheap feeling. For the premium price, i would expect a little better.

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