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Chapter Master Valrak – Interview – questions

1. Cadia still stands!  Or  For the Emperor!  ? 😉 Why ? 😛

How can Cadia die when it lives on in my heart?

2. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about yourself ☺

Hello, I go by the alias Chapter Master Valrak, I run a YouTube channel dedicated Warhammer 40,000, on it, you’ll find anything from News, Lore, gaming and painting videos.

You can find Valrak vlogs and support him here:

3. Do you remember your first encounter with miniatures and wargames? When was it and in what year?

My experience with Warhammer 40,000 was some years back, I was around 11 years old and one of my family members bought me some Orks, I had no idea what they were but it set me on my course of being a Warhammer fan

4. When did you decided to start your social media presence? Why ‘Chapter Master Valrak’ and what does the name mean to you?

The funny thing about my name, it was completely random, it sounded cool so I just went with it, haha, I started my social presence when a game called Eternal Crusade came out, I think it was around 3-4 years ago.

5. I can see that you are a big fan of Warhammer 40k and anything Warhammer. What do you like the most about this wargame?  What is your favorite ‘army’?

Space Marines are my all-time favourite army, I think the thing that attaches me to this story/hobby is the grimdark of it all, it’s just war eternal, no-one is really the good guy which is so different to other sci-fi games where you normally have a visible good guy/bad guy.

6. Is there a miniature that you would like to paint again? Why this one?

I love painting tanks, I love tanks as a whole, especially Space Marine ones, I could paint them every day and still not get bored. They’re so big and chunky I love them.

7. What miniature the most difficult to paint and why?

I really haven’t had a difficult model, all the Space Marines are quite simple to paint really, I think others like Deathguard are the harder painted models cause they have so much detail on them.

8. Wargaming, miniature painting, miniature converting or even sculpting. What do you like the most about our hobby and why?

Converting is the best thing about this hobby, you can spend hours making the most boring model just look absolutely epic!

9. Our hobby is constantly changing, new wargames come and go, players are 3D printing miniatures and terrains. Where do you see our hobby in 5-10-15 years’ time? What will change over time?

I think 3D printing is going to be a game-changer within the next 5 years, the stuff people are doing right now is mind-blowing and it will only get better and more accessible for people.

10. Do you have any advice for new players and people in this hobby (miniature painters etc.)?

Don’t pick armies for the rules, pick armies for the love, the meta changes but love is eternal.

11. You are a streamer, why you started streaming and how do you choose your stream topics?

Streaming is a way just to talk, I love sitting down and talking to fellow Warhammer fans, it’s like having a huge group of friends in front of you sharing the same things you love. Topics are random for me, I never go into a stream with a list to talk about.

12. What hobby project are you currently working on and what are your hobby plans for next few weeks?

Currently working on some Imperial Fist tanks and bunkers, hopefully, soon I can get my hands on the heavy intercessors and blade guard veterans.

13. If you could turn any movie, series, commix, book or any media into a miniature game what would that be and why this one?

Well, I would say Stars Wars but they’ve really just started that and their stuff is looking amazing.

14. Do you have any other hobbies apart from wargaming and miniatures? If so what are they?

Not really, Warhammer has all my attention at the moment.

15. How do you transport your miniatures? If you are using one of our products what do you think about magnetized transport solutions?

I use you, magnetising transports is the future, I love how easy it is to put them from your case to the table, no effort at all.

16. If you could choose the next person answering all those questions and having an interview with us who would that be?

Hellstorm Wargaming