A-Case Carrier [Backpack]

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Taking your miniatures to events, tournaments may be a tricky thing especially when you travel by plane. Exactly for this purpose we made the A-Case Carrier. A Backpack in personal item size. Our beloved by wargamers, hobbyists and miniatures fans, carrying system has now new requested size. It is perfect for bigger and smaller journeys. No matter if you take part in an international event or local once, this backpack does the job for you. It’s compact, lightweight, well designed and made of top notched materials.

Options supplémentaires

Carrier vient avec trois étagères, et n’est pas montée par défaut. Si vous avez besoin d’étagères supplémentaires à l’intérieur, merci de vous référer aux options ci-dessous.

Des aimants!

Si vous avez besoin d’aimants à l’intérieur, voyez donc les options ci-dessous. Dimensions : 5x2mm

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La description

A-Case Carrier Your new best personal hobby backpack. Made from lightweight premium materials – aluminium frame with steel trays which allow you safe and comfortable storage and transportation of your miniatures. Perfect for all types of miniatures. Depending on the game, stores up to a few thousand points armies.

Included in A-Case Carrier set:

  • Lightweight and durable powder-coated aluminium black frame
  • 3 x Powder Coated steel black shelves
  • 6 x lock-in pins
  • High-Quality Polyester padded Backpack  in chosen color with Velcro strap for the patches
  • 3x Accessory pockets
  • 50 x powerful neodymium magnets (5×2 mm)

External Dimensions:

  • height: 44 cm / ~17 ²¹/₆₄ inch
  • width: 27cm / ~10 ⁵/₈ inch (without pockets)
  • depth: 17cm / ~ 6 ¹¹/₁₆ inch (without pocket)

Casing External Dimensions:

  • height: 42 cm / ~ 16 ¹⁷/₃₂ inch
  • width: 23,9 cm / ~ 9 ¹³/₃₂ inch
  • depth: 15 cm / 5 ²⁹/₃₂ inch

Casing Internal Dimensions:

  • height:  (bottom shelf to top of the casing) 35,3 cm / ~ 13 ⁵⁷/₆₄ inch
  • width: 19,2 cm / ~ 7 ⁹/₁₆ inch
  • depth: 14,6 cm / ~ 5 ³/₄ inch

Tray Dimensions:

  • width: 21,2 cm / ~ 8 ¹¹/₃₂ inch
  • depth: 14,8 cm / ~5 ⁵³/₆₄ inch

Please note that those Trays will only fit A-CASE Hybrid Carrier and are not be suitable for other A-Case models.

Above dimensions are indicative.

Weight:  2,45 kg (included 3 trays)





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